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JHM ECU Tuning or Tune for B8-S5 w/ 4.2L FSI V8 (32v)

JHM ECU Tuning or Tune for B8-S5 w/ 4.2L FSI V8 (32v)


Introducing JHM Tuning for the B8-S5 with the 32v 4.2l FSI V8!!!


IMPORTANT: After purchase you must go to your "Account" and then click "My Downloadable Products" on the left to download the Flash Server access form. Fill this out completely and then email to to receive detailed instructions, software and your account credentials.


We have specialized in tuning naturally aspirated (NA) or "all motor" 4.2L V8 engines since we started tuning the B6-S4 in 2008. Ever since then we have been the number one company when it comes to Audi V8 performance. Like our success with the B6-B7 S4 and B7 RS4 has shown, our software has been proven time and time again to deliver real world performance. That continues with our tuning for the B8-S5 4.2L FSI V8. We purchased our in-house B8-S5 4.2L in mid-2013 and immediately began developing software. After countless revisions and putting the vehicle through our rigorous R&D process, we are happy to now offer the ultimate performance software for your B8-S5 4.2L FSI V8!


In true JHM fashion, here is some footage of our in-house, record setting B8-S5 running 12.6 seconds at 108 mph in the quarter mile!



Not only does our software perform, but it performs time and time again. Here are three back-to-back 12 second passes:



JHM Performance Software for the B8-S5 4.2L FSI V8 will completely change the dynamics of how your S5 performs. This is because we change hundreds of ECU parameters to extract as much power possible and doing so without removing OEM safety parameters. You will experience much more torque throughout the entire RPM range and notice how much more powerful the car is when coming out of shifts. Not to mention our famous Launch Assist feature will help you execute a consistent launch each and every time. Our software turns your car into something that the S5 should have been from the factory.




Our software alone will completely transform your S5. However, if you are looking to extract even more power, here are a coupe modifications we highly recommend!


- JHM 2.5" Catless Test Pipes: Our 2.5" catless test pipes are very beneficial when it comes to making more power with the B8-S5. Removing the restrictive OEM catalysts will allow your engine to flow more exhaust and make more power.
- JHM 2.5" Cat-Back Exhaust System: The 2.5" exhaust system that we offer for the B8-S5 will allow the exhaust to flow more efficiently with the calculated scavenging effect of our X-Pipe, allowing you to make more power.


Please go back one section to take a look at the product pages for the above recommended supporting modifications.




The LATE style Oil Level Sender is needed for model year 2008 S5s only. This is because our software updates you to a newer software version that was not made available to the 2008 vehicles. By not having the updated Oil Level Sender, your car will display an "Oil Over Filled" warning. This will not affect the car in any way and will only be an annoyance until the oil level sender is replaced with the late style. A good time to change the Oil Level Sender is while doing an oil change since removing the sender will cause you to lose some oil. We have both LATE Oil Level Senders and Oil Change Kits available in our store if you go back one section!


One of the benefits of having the LATE Oil Level Sensor is that you can reprogram your MMI to utilize the new sensor's ability to display your current oil level!


Check out our write-up on how to reprogram your MMI HERE --> MMI Oil Level Display for 2008 S5.

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